………..DrugS…!!!!! Oghhhh…NO….!!!!!

In this era, narcotics or drugs is not the strange word for us.Unfortunetly, only a few people understand and aware all about the dangerous drugs for our life especially our healthy. Meanwhile our civilience considered drugs seriously although our government had started to ban the drugs distribution in our country. It can be shown when the citizens known the distributor, buger or drug merchand it must to be reported to our seriously problem for our country now.
Now, we see again about the dangerous of drugs in our life. Drugs will make the consumer addicted and changed their habit and attitude, if someone consume drugs, his healthy will meet some troubles. It can distrub our essential part of our body and imunnity so it make us have more risk. More of this bad effect, it also make the habits and attitudes to drugs consumer changes. They will be wild, naughty, rude and break the laws. The drugs consumer are teenagers and adolescents commonly. So,basically all of us must be concern with forth in God.


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